Caravan Tanks

It seems there are as many models of tanks available to builders of caravans, campers, RVs and motorhomes as there are actual caravans, campers, RVs and motorhomes! Melbourne Rotomould manufactures a consise range of blank tanks that are fully configurable at our factory to suit your exact application.

These potable water approved and food grade poly plastic caravan tanks are manufactured locally in Victoria. We make it easy for you to specify your fittings and locations exactly as you want them.

The tanks are perfect for potable water storage, for grey water collection, and we are also seeing a rapidly increasing requirement for taking black water off site. Installations usually require at least three fittings, plus connection hose:

Inlet for incoming water
Please note that direct mains water connections require a pressure reducer to control incoming flow.

Outlet for outgoing water
This can go straight to a gravity feed tap, or connect to a manual pump or powered automatic pressure pump.

Breather to prevent air lock
The end of your breather hose must be positioned higher than the water inlet point to allow the whole system to breathe.

Hose for each fitting
Melbourne Rotomould tanks are all manufactured to potable water standard with food grade plastic. If your installation is for drinking water, please ensure your hose is potable water approved.

Multiple tanks can be connected however we recommend they are installed at the same height rather than stacking them. For example, multiple long tanks can be stood on end, restrained, and connected at their lowest point to automatically balance their levels. More information is available on connecting multiple tanks, and this applies equally here. Instead of aligning overflows though, you will be aiming to align the top of each caravan tank.

Please select your model below taking note of the dimensions that best suit your application, then click on its fittings sheet to specify your required inlet and outlet types and their positions. If you have any further queries or are ready to go with your order, please contact us on (03) 5940 4334 or email

Caravan Water Tank Range

54 Litre Caravan Tank

54 Litre Caravan Tank Capacity - 54 Litres Length - 800 mm Width - 280 mm Height - 280 mm


55 Litre Caravan Tank

55 Litre Caravan Tank Capacity - 55 Litres Length - 600 mm Width - 280 mm Height - 375 mm


80 Litre Caravan Tank

80 Litre Caravan Tank Capacity - 80 Litres Length - 900 mm Width - 400 mm Height - 250 mm


85 Litre Caravan Tank

85 Litre Caravan Tank Capacity - 85 Litres Length - 1310 mm Width - 320 mm Height - 225 mm


100 Litre Caravan Tank

100 Litre Caravan Tank Capacity - 100 Litres Length - 860 mm Width - 550 mm Height - 235 mm


110 Litre Caravan Tank

110 Litre Caravan Tank Capacity - 110 Litres Length - 1200 mm Width - 280 mm Height - 375 mm


160 Litre Caravan Tank

160 Litre Caravan Tank Capacity - 160 Litres Length - 1400 mm Width - 500 mm Height - 250 mm


220 Litre Caravan Tank

220 Litre Caravan Tank Capacity - 220 Litres Length - 1500 mm Width - 400 mm Height - 400 mm


240 Litre Four Wheel Drive Tank

240 Litre Caravan Tank Capacity - 240 Litres Length - 1700 mm Width - 400 mm Height - 380 mm