Retention Tanks & Detention Tanks

What are retention tanks and detention tanks used for?

Retention tanks and detention tanks are prescribed by many councils and government authorities to manage stormwater surge.

Melbourne Rotomould (Melro) manufactures stormwater retention tank and detention tank systems in Victoria (VIC) Australia to arrest the flow of water from roofs and surrounding areas for controlled release into the storm water system. Melbourne Rotomould can correctly configure the Melro range of above ground water tanks for these stormwater applications.

How do retention tanks work?

A Melro retention tank is equipped with two sets of fittings. The bottom portion retains water and functions as a normal water tank. During a storm event, water accumulated above the retention level is slowly released from a discharge outlet.

Rentention Tank

How do detention tanks work?

A Melro detention tank fills with water during a storm event then slowly fully discharges into the stormwater system.

Dentention Tank

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