Poly Furniture

Poly plastic furniture moulded in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes for many brand names. Melbourne Rotomould is based in Victoria (VIC) Australia, moulding a wide range of designs from classic to contemporary.

Rotomoulded poly furniture items we manufacture include plastic ottomans, chairs, tables, light fittings and plant pots, as well as some other unique designs. Call or email us to help realise your furniture design ideas in high grade plastic.

Contact us to discuss your project on (03) 5940 4334 or melro@melro.com.au
Poly planters - Edible Islands Edible Islands poly planter
Plastic ottomans - Products for People www.p4.design P4 Products for People plastic ottomans
Retro Chair - Melro poly chair
Retro plastic chair blue
Retro Plastic Chair Blue
Retro plastic chair white
Retro Plastic Chair White
Retro plastic chair purple
Retro Plastic Chair Purple
Retro plastic chair red
Retro Plastic Chair Red
Retro plastic chair green
Retro Plastic Chair Green