When you want to protect the inside of a metal vessel or an otherwise hollow shaped metal part, the answer is to Rotoline it with tough chemically resistant plastic. You may wish to plastic coat the inside surface an item you have already had fabricated, or you may ask for your rotoliner to organise the fabrication of the metal item for you.

What we do is mould plastic into your metal part. Commonly, polyethylene (PE) is used for this purpose. This fully coats the inside surface of your steel and aluminium parts including around the joins of your fittings and outlets right through to your flanges. We also have in house metal fabrication facilities and expert alliances for specialty metal parts and casting for when we are running the complete project from metal vessel to plastic lining.

What this process does is substantially increase your vessel's abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, gap sealing, and dramatically reduces the wear and tear lifecycle. The plastic coating also permits a reduction in the thickness and/or the grade of your metal part resulting in substantial cost savings. For example, a stainless steel tank may now be substituted with a mild steel tank with a plastic lining for the same application.

Commonly rotolined parts include pressure vessels, chutes and pipes subjected to high wear, chemical tanks, fuel tanks, custom sized tanks, industrial equipment, and factory machinery including for food processing. Our customers see dramatically improved life cycles and performance benefits due to plastic's thermal and physical characteristics, and they also note that the lining layer provides a very easy to clean finish.

There is very little limitation with the size of your metal part. We bond plastic to parts ranging from centimetres up to many meters in size.

To work out if this is right for you, please call or email us and describe your process application.

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