Water Tank Colours

Standard Tank Colours

Standard Custom More Specialty

We want to help you find the right colour. The palette we have assembled for you below is a very good fit for the Australian urban and rural landscape, and we proudly present it to you as our standard tank colour range.

Raw materials for these Colorbond® equivalents are food grade certified (AS/NZS 2070), potable water certified (AS/NZS 4020), and include quality UV protection for long lasting colour. When you buy a properly certified tank such as ours (AS/NZS 4766 is the comprehensive standard for poly water tanks), the 4020 and 2070 raw material standards are an important first step before the manufacturing process can commence.

When comparing colours, please note that your computer display, printouts and even professional brochures will almost always show colour variation. The discerning eye will notice differences in colour appearance when you try to match up different building materials. Variances also occur when viewing even the same type of material under different lighting conditions. This is true for all materials. All of these variables can make colour an extremely complex topic!

Accordingly, the colours in all charts below are indications only. Known naming equivalents are listed below each colour, including Colorbond®.

Smooth Cream Classic Cream Primrose
Merino Paperbark Terrace
Wheat Harvest
Birch Grey Dune Birch
Beige Cove Stone Riversand
Earthtone Bushland Teatree Bush Grey
Jasper Autumn Brown Sorrell Clay Brown
Metal Grey Ironstone Indigo Blue Bluestone
Slate Grey Woodland Grey Grey Ridge Thunder Grey
Monument Charcoal Gunmetal Grey
Black Night Sky Ebony
Mountain Blue Deep Ocean
Heritage Red Manor Red Red Oak
Mist Green Pale Eucalypt Meadow
Rivergum Wilderness Willow
Heritage Green Cottage Green Caulfield Green Evergreen

Custom Tank Colours

Standard Custom More Specialty

Sometimes, the colour you really want just isn't part of any standard range. Your reseller can check with us for availability and pricing on an extended range of present and past palettes including Colorbond® equivalents. A sample of these are listed below. Many of these are already fully certified.

Tank White Surfmist Off White
Dusk Evening Haze Summershade
Gull Grey Shale Grey
Desert Haze Sandbank Straw Beach
Armour Grey Windspray
Aubergine Loft

Many More Colours

Standard Custom More Specialty

You will have worked out by now that we manufacture rotomoulded products for many industries, in addition to our range of water tanks. This means that if you're feeling adventurous, you can choose from a greatly expanded range of designer and industrial base colours. Samples of some of the more common choices are listed below. They look awesome as a water tank.

Please note that we usually order large batches of these types of colours to suit specific jobs. Your reseller will need to contact us for availability and pricing. For non-tank colours, if formal certification for food contact or potable water is important for your application, your reseller will need to check with us that this has been obtained first.

Light Grey
Dark Grey
Deep Red Blood Red
Light Blue
Royal Blue
Dark Blue
Apple Green
Lime Green
Light Green
Dark Green
Pale Terracotta
Bronze Olive
Torris Blue
Stormedge Blue Blue Ridge Pacific Blue
Tuscan Red Headland
Spinning Gum

Specialty Grades

Standard Custom More Specialty

We're showing off now. We're listing these here just because we can. Most of these are common material grades in other products that we make. It is possible to make tanks using or incorporating them too.

By far the most common choice for large tanks on this specialty list is Natural, especially for high end industrial applications. If you are interested in any of these grades though, please call us first to discuss. It is likely you have a unique application, which means that it is important we get involved early on in your planning process.

Natural: translucent
Antimicrobial: product surface neutraliser
Polyethylene Foam: fills voids, adds insulating structural layer
Rotolining: protective plastic bonding for inside most metal vessels - chemical and abrasion resistant
Glow in the dark: yes, it really glows
Diesel Grade: diesel storage, bunding and handling products
Reclaim: recycled polyethylene
Transparent: Blue
Transparent: Green
Stone Effect: Dark Blue
Stone Effect: Dark Green
Pebble Effect
Millstone Effect