Water Tank Maintenance

Maintaining your rainwater harvesting system is a straightforward process, and doing so will ensure crystal clear fresh water all year round, for many years. On a simple system this might involve periodically checking your inlet and outlet strainers, and confirming you have good water flow into and out of your tank.

Your maintenance frequency will depend on the amount of foreign debris your system is exposed to. A variety of accessories are available to help manage your maintenance cycle.

Clean water in

The number one rule is that clean water into your tank will give you clean water out. Melro water tanks are supplied with inlet strainers with stainless steel mesh to prevent large objects from entering your tank. Additional filtration devices can be installed further up your downpipe including gutter guarding, automatic leaf filters and first flush diverters. Please see your water tank expert for information about these devices.

Inlet strainer

Even if you have a leaf filter and a first flush diverter, you should periodially check and clean the stainless steel mesh of your inlet strainer to ensure your tank can receive full flow.

If a full clean is required you can unscrew and remove the strainer for cleaning, however in most instances you just need to ensure foreign objects such as leaf litter are removed from the basket area.

Overflow strainer

Also called a mozzie strainer, the overflow strainer should be friction fit into the overflow of your tank or at the end of your overflow pipe for easy removal and periodic cleaning.

Tank body

The body of your tank is made from high quality food grade polyethylene. This material is non-porous and its smooth finish makes it difficult for sediment to stick to.

Typical tank sediment is not harmful and is best left undisturbed, however if you must clean the contents of your tank we recommend engaging a professional tank cleaner. They will likely employ a vacuum extraction method which can be conducted while the tank is still full of water.


If your full system includes accessories such as a leaf filter, first flush diverter, and pump equipment, please see the manufacturer's instructions for the appropriate maintenance schedule.