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We proudly manufacture a big range of high quality plastic products for many different industries. For domestic applications, Melro branded water tanks are readily available at major plumbing and hardware retailers throughout Victoria. Additionally, we have extensive expertise with complex industrial installations and fabrications, and make plastic products and components for innumerable industries from biomedical through to agricultural.

Our products and installations appear in many places, from service stations to parks, to laboratories and government buildings. They are on trucks and in sporting equipment. They are used as bill boards and for sound control. They are essential in food manufacturing and handling, and are also used in industrial environments to store and convey highly corrosive chemicals and abrasive substances.

Rotational Moulding

We started this business to use our extensive rotomoulding knowledge to manufacture innovative designs for creative Australian and international businesses. We are passionate about the process, and it still fascinates us.

At our core though, we are a manufacturer. This is what we are good at. We have a range of rotomoulding equipment suitable for making small parts through to extremely large ones. To give a sense of scale, our largest machine (also our newest and also one of the largest in the world) can fit a 20 foot shipping container inside of it and can handle moulds weighing in excess of 5000kg.


We are especially proud of our manufacturing and dispatch system. This is what sets us apart - our customers know they can count on our efficiency and ability to scale up with demand. And we do this every day.

It is usual for us to schedule back to back time sensitive deliveries of many different sizes, configurations and colours, through to truck and trailer loads of boats, boxes and bunds for destinations throughout Victoria. We firstly capture your critical order information, communicate this properly throughout all stages of production, then track the process right through to the GPS locations of our delivery vehicles.

You may already have recognised our fleet of Melro branded delivery vehicles on roads throughout Victoria. These vehicles are out and about many times each day. We are local, and we are always highly accessible.

Australian Made, World Standards

Our products are manufactured locally to meet high Australian standards. We hold a number of product and system certifications, and we are committed to purchasing Australian made inputs wherever possible. So by choosing Melbourne Rotomould, you are not only choosing world class products, you are supporting local jobs and our local economy.

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Contact us to discuss your project on (03) 5940 4334 or melro@melro.com.au

Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia (ARMA)

Melbourne Rotomould is a lifelong member of ARMA and a strong supporter of our local Rotomoulding industry.

Tim Leed (Director) is a past president of the Association having contributed for a number of years on the board. Steven Kyval (Director) and Tim have presented at Rotomoulding conferences, and all staff who have attended ARMA events have enjoyed sharing ideas with moulders from around the world.

ARMA Member


We schedule our products on behalf of distributors located throughout Victoria. We are not set up to sell to the public. We are however always pleased to discuss new product ideas with businesses requiring ongoing supply.

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This website has been designed as a one stop resource for rotomoulded products and solutions, and will continue to grow. Please spend some time exploring each of the main sections, whether you are researching for your new rainwater tank, designing your industrial fabrication, creating a unique plastic product, or just want to learn more about the Rotomoulding process.