Plastic Moulding

There are many plastic moulding methods. The process we will cover here involves heating a rotating hollow mould so that plastic resin forms the shape within it, otherwise known as rotational moulding. Other methods of moulding plastic include injection moulding, blow moulding, vac forming and so on, each of which is particularly suited to moulding plastic products with different physical characteristics. We can advise what moulding method suits your product best.

Rotational Moulding Plastic Method

Before moulding commences the mould is treated so that the plastic perfoms the way we need it to during the processing cycle. After the plastic resin is loaded, the mould commences its rotation cycle and is brought up to temperature. The resin lays up around the inside of the mould, coating all internal surfaces. When the plastic has fully processed the mould is allowed to cool, at which point the plastic part releases away from the mould. Once the part has cooled it is unloaded and is ready for post production fitting and processing.

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Rotational moulding