Agricultural Storage

Farms can be very demanding on liquid storage. Vessels must be made fit for purpose, and need to continue to work in extreme conditions.

This page lists some of the most common uses for agricultural tanks. Please contact us to discuss your own specific farm storage needs on 03 5940 4334 or email

Farm tank

Why you need an Agricultural Tank

Water storage

Farm water storage, storm water control, water circulation and header vessels encounter significantly higher volumes than typically encountered in a standard domestic application. A commonly seen example is multiple and oversized pipes directing volumes of water from a large shed roof into a single storage tank.

In this example, we can modify your tanks to increase overflow throughput to best manage excess water when full, which is not unlike factory tank systems we build to manage extreme run off from large roof expanses. For header, retention, and redirection systems, we can also increase the size and durability of fittings to more quickly evacuate water when required.

Water processing

Recirculated water applications can be even more demanding, with water of less than optimal quality being pumped in and out at high flow rates, and often at elevated temperatures. For these applications we will increase tank and fittings strength well beyond standard to control these pressures.

Liquids with high specific gravity

Common farm examples include liquid fertilizer and molasses storage. A unique benefit of polyethylene tank construction is that it is naturally non-stick, so your stored liquid can be completely flushed from the tank. Poly tanks are made seamless with a smooth internal wall - no burrs or small cavities means that there is no retention of deteriorated residual product.

Corrosive liquid storage

Tanks made from polyethylene are ideal for storing a wide range of chemicals, many of which would otherwise be corrosive to metal, concrete and fibreglass. It is also highly resistant to physical abrasion. Please contact us to discuss what you plan to store and we can advise suitability.

What to do next

Please contact us to discuss your queries about farm storage applications on 03 5940 4334 or email

When you are ready to order from your distributor, please use the order forms on our Industrial Tanks page to specify fitting sizes and locations. Please be sure to note on the form what you are storing and details of your application.