Floodwash Tanks

Floodwash tank setups significantly reduce the labour required to clean cattle yards, piggeries, feed pads, traffic lanes and farm sheds. In a well designed system, cleaning is very effective and water use is contained.

The main benefit of a flush system is an accelerated cleaning rate of up to 10sqm per second delivered to a defined area. Hosing by comparison delivers less than 0.4sqm per second, and as a manually delivered method hosing does not offer the same degree of water dosage control.

As a labour saving alternative, floodwash systems are very attractive and often adopted at new dairies.

Floodwash tank installed on farm

Water Towers

These are impressively tall tanks. As a standalone water tank, extremely tall storage vessels offer very useful water head pressures. This can replace the need to purchase expensive and complex high pressure on demand pumping systems.

Tank certification to AS/NZS 4766 Polyethylene storage tanks for water and chemicals can be obtained for your application. Please note that customised tanks require engineering analysis and sign off prior to certification.

Commercial Food Production

Massive storage for water processing and food production. Manufactured with a completely smooth one piece inside surface, no internal seams or joins.

Raw materials are certified to AS/NZS 4020 Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water and AS/NZS 2070 Plastics materials for food contact use. These tanks are perfect for food production processing and manufacturing environments.

Our in house post production fabrication team expertly plastic weld heavy duty industrial fittings to connect up your on site pipework. Quite often this includes strong reinforced large diameter stub flanges and full face flanges into the side wall of the tank, and specialist access points at the top.

Industrial and Hazardous Substances

Massive storage for chemicals and hazardous substances with vessels made from polyethylene, polypropylene, and other chemically resistant plastic materials. We work with you to match the correct type of tank material and tank design, particularly for specialist large commercial and industrial environments.

These tanks feature a completely smooth inner surface which prevents chemical residue. Upon request for your application, tanks can be manufactured in accordance with Code of Practice HSNOCOP 61 Rotationally Moulded Polyethylene Storage Tanks for Non Flammable Hazardous Substances which are requirements that specifically include and exceed those of AS/NZS 4766. These tanks are perfect for high volume chemical storage.

Heavy duty industrial fittings are included to connect your on site pipework.

Feed and Grain Silos

The following extra tall tanks can also be manufactured with cone end bases for silo storage of feed and grain, as well as other agricultural applications.

Examples of sizes that can be manufactured follow. Contact us to discuss your overdimensional storage requirements.

18500 tall extra large

18500 Extra Tall Capacity - 18500 Litres Diameter - 2000 mm Total Height - 6500 mm Inlet Height - 6500 mm

Standard Custom

27000 tall extra large

27000 Extra Tall Capacity - 27000 Litres Diameter - 2400 mm Total Height - 6500 mm Inlet Height - 6500 mm

Standard Custom