Water Tank Fittings

Standard Fittings

The Melro water tank range is supplied complete with fittings at the locations set out in the diagram below. Melro tanks have inlet strainers, overflows and outlets installed at the factory, so no additional drilling is required on site.

Custom Fitting Optional

Our standard configuration suits most applications, however if you would like to specify custom fitting locations please let your tank expert know when you place your order. We require a clearly narrated drawing of your custom locations before we can commence work. Forms can be found on our Water Tank Range page - just click on the Drawing for Markup link below your tank.

Non Standard Fittings

We also stock a range of factory installed fittings including oversized outlets and overflows, lids and accessories. Please contact your water tank supplier's irrigation expert for guidance.

Industrial Tanks

Please note that industrial grade tanks are supplied blank. We have a huge range of options available to suit your application, from a capped tank through to the largest outlets and overflows, hinged lockable manhole access covers and various inserts. Fittings and installation is charged out as required.

Fittings for slimline water tanks Fittings for round water tanks