Choose a Melro Tank

How to choose a Melro water tank

Plan your water storage to exceed your water usage cycle. If space is limited, refer to the dimensions in our complete range for best fit, and also check that the tank can be moved into location.

Your remaining choices are colour, special fitout requirements, and accessories including pumps, low maintenance leaf filters, first flush diverters, tank level indicators, amongst other options. When considering these choices, our tip is that clean water into your tank ensures crystal clear fresh water out.

A standard garden setup can be as straightforward as diverting your downpipe via a tank, however for more complex requirements please see your water tank specialist for detailed advice.

Melro Tank Styles

Round tanks

Round water tanks offer the best value for money in water storage due to their efficient shape. Melro has a range of round tank sizes from the very small to the very large for you to choose from.

Please check your water tank site dimensions against your preferred tank's dimensions from the Melro range.

2100 Litre Round Water Tank
24000 Litre Round Water Tank

Slimline and squat tanks

Slimline and squat water tanks fit in places that round tanks will not. They have a greater surface area so they are a little more expensive per storage litre, however they do offer a sleek look and can fit into areas such as the blind side of your house (slimline tanks) or under windows (squat tanks).

Please check your water tank site dimensions against your preferred tank's dimensions from the Melro range.

3100 Litre Slimline Water Tank
2007 Litre Squat Tank

Underdeck tanks

Maximise your yard space by installing solid poly tanks under your decking or house. The long, low design of the 1000 and 2000 litre under deck tanks have been designed specifically for these areas. We also kit out our multi barrelled slimlines for horizontal underdeck use.

We recommend installing a low maintenance leaf filter in an accessible area above decking level, which is most easily done at a point further up your existing downpipe. Please see your tank reseller for options. A mozzie strainer should be friction fit at the accessible end of your overflow pipe for easy cleaning.

1000 Litre Under Deck Tank
2000 Litre Under Deck Tank