Melro tanks will hold water for many purposes. They can be configured for gravity feed (no pump) with the right installation plan, which means that a pump is not always necessary. If this is of interest to you we recommend speaking with your local irrigation expert before you start.

In many other circumstances though, water tanks become extremely useful when paired with a pump. Again, your local irrigation expert will have the right practical experience and can assist with pump selection. To get the discussion going we have listed here some common considerations when choosing your pump.

Garden Use

A garden pump actually comprises two key components. The pump itself, and a pressure controller.

On its own, a pump will continuously pump water when powered on. The pressure controller is a clever additional module to sense water pressure build up in the hose when the nozzle is shut off, automatically switching off power to the pump. When the nozzle is released the hose pressure suddenly drops, triggering the pump to power back on and giving you the familiar "water on demand" experience.

Household Use

In rural areas the household pump will supply the entire house with drinking quality water. Working in much the same way as a garden pump, it is equipped with a pressure controller for on demand use. The pump is usually a heavier duty unit to match the required house pressure and the household duty cycle. Often a pressure cylinder is added for the smoothest water delivery.

In metropolitan areas and where mains water is readily available, tank water is often used to supply high volume house zones including laundries and toilets. Mains backup is common with these systems. This allows mains water to be intelligently and automatically drawn upon if a modestly sized suburban tank runs dry or in the event of a system power outage.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will be adding more information here shortly including some straightforward steps to get you going. In the meantime, please contact your local irrigation expert who will be very happy to assist you.