Melbourne Rotomould is the local manufacturer for a range of proprietary AdBlue tanks, storage and dispensing vessels for local and international brands.

Over a number of years we have worked with diesel truck OEMs for onboard tank design. For distributors of AdBlue product we manufacture branded, proprietary self bunded bowser tanks holding up to many thousands of litres which often incorporate specialised dispensing equipment.

This page has been set up as a general introduction to AdBlue. Our services are however targeted at expert distributors and truck OEMs requiring on board storage, site storage and self branded distribution equipment.

If you are looking for ongoing local supply and manufacture of storage or distribution vessels in Victoria (VIC), please email us on or give us a call on (03) 5940 4334 to discuss.

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is a standardised and trademarked Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), comprising a mix of aqueous urea in demineralized water. It is added to diesel exhaust at around 5% of diesel consumed to reduce nitrogen oxides present in exhaust emissions. In Australia this setup is most commonly encountered on European trucks.

It is non-toxic and safe to handle, however it can be corrosive to some metals so is usually stored in plastic.

We manufacture using a number of advanced plastic production techniques to suit the structural requirements of our customers' application, including single and dual skin vessels, polyethylene foam insulated walls, inserts for mounting distribution equipment, reseller branding, and fully self contained bunded tank units.

AdBlue tank

Distribution Tanks

Appropriate distribution equipment is an elegant way to ensure product storage requirements are being complied with, makes dispensing the product easy, and eliminates risk of contamination to the stored supply.

Is AdBlue distribution equipment necessary?

Your AdBlue supplier will have specific storage requirements which must be adhered to. Purpose built dispensing systems ensure compliance.

Distribution equipment makes it simple for users to handle AdBlue without contaminating supply. Storage vessel design must take into account AdBlue requirements for cool storage in a dry and well ventilated environment, out of direct sunlight.

With the appropriate monitoring equipment is it also possible to track usage.

Onboard Tanks

Melbourne Rotomould has designed and manufactured tanks for a number of truck OEMs to suit a variety of different truck brands and models. We use advanced computer modelling then live prototype models to demonstrate best fit.

The most challenging part of onboard storage design is working with limited and uniquely shaped available space. This often varies between different truck versions even from the same manufacturer, so our goal is often to design a universal fit to suit as many of the models in the range as possible.

How big does a tank need to be?

At a typical add rate of 5% of diesel consumed, minimal onboard space is required in theory. However, AdBlue is not as readily available in Australia as it is in Europe so it will not be available every time you fill with diesel. It is wise to carry supplementary on board storage capable of lasting for several diesel fills.

AdBlue truck tank

Storage Tanks

How is AdBlue stored?

AdBlue is ideally located in a cool environment and out of direct sunlight. Our manufacturing techniques assist with establishing ideal storage conditions for a long product shelf life.

When we discuss tank design with you we take into consideration your proposed location and operating environment. For example, a bunded area already protected from UV exposure may only require a single skin vessel. In practice though we usually manufacture fully self bunded units, or for extreme environments we use multiple skins and also foam insulation layers.

How much do I need to store?

On site storage capacity is best calculated by balancing fleet usage with site refill frequency. As with any storage vessel, we recommend installing the largest size you can reasonably fit in the space you have available.

Contact us to discuss your requirements on (03) 5940 4334 or

AdBlue storage tank