Rotational Moulding Tooling

Rotational moulding has many advantages when it comes to moulding large plastic hollow parts. In addition to superior physical properties and the potential for extremely large part sizes, tooling costs can be surprisingly low.

There are a number of tooling methods available to the designer of rotomoulded products. Hand fabricated tools are usually the cheapest and are typically made from mild steel. Surprisingly complex parts are possible if a quality toolmaker is used.

Tools requiring more intricate detail can be cast, usually from aluminium. For highly aesthetic finishes, machined moulds give a superior result, but is the most expensive method.

We recommend you contact your rotomoulding manufacturer to see each type of tool in action to determine the best result for you. Your rotomoulder will then be able to guide you through the various tooling options and toolmakers for your design.

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Rotational moulding