Poly Foam Composite Moulding

Poly foam composite moulding is an efficient method to enhance the mechanical and insulation properties of plastic parts, and to reduce product weight without losing rigidity. Melbourne Rotomould (Melro) in Victoria (VIC) Australia is an expert in this field, and regularly uses this technology in industrial tanks, industrial bins, transportation bins, noise attenuation panels, and aeronautical parts.

This versatile technology is suitable for a wide range of applications to specifically achieve light weight rigid parts, enhanced insulation properties, and durable fully bonded cavities. Call or email us to discuss the potential benefits for your product.

Contact us to discuss your project on (03) 5940 4334 or melro@melro.com.au
Foam rotomould bonded foam
Rotomoulded skin foam layer
Foam poly skin foam skin
Foam rotomoulded multi layer
Foam rotomoulded multi shot
Poly foam filled part
Foam and skin rotationally moulded polyethylene