Stormwater Tanks

Stormwater tanks for storm water supression systems manufactured by Melbourne Rotomould in Victoria (Melro VIC). Choose from our wide range of poly tanks, custom fitted by our expert fitout team to your specifications, to manage the impact of sudden stormwater runoff.

Formats available include a large storage system, a partial retention system, and a full detention system. All systems accumulate water run off during a heavy rain event, which is then used or slowly released prior to the next rain event. Water in excess of the tank capacity will overflow direct to stormwater, so it is important to plan for sufficient capacity for your system to be effective.

Water collected in a large storage system tank must be used prior to the next rain event for the system to be effective during the next event. A partial retention system ensures that some tank capacity will always be available for the next event, by introducing a slow release point for water above a specified level on the tank, usually about half way. Water below the release point is retained for use on demand. A full detention system retains no water and acts only as a buffer, slowly releasing the entire tank's contents ready for the next rain event.

For factory roof runoff, industrial grade stormwater tanks are recommended. A tank installed in this environment is subject to significant additional stresses due to the rapid volumes of water from a potentially very large catchment area. It will also need an industrial sized overflow exceeding the size of the factory downpipe. Call or email us with the details of your application, or for more information.

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Stormwater Tank