Bus Stop Shelters

A bus shelter is a unique configuration of seat combined with sides, a back and a roof to shelter people from the weather. They might generally be called bus stop shelters, but are actually used for many outdoor applications. The most common are in public parks, sports arenas, outdoor spaces, and outdoor rest areas on business premises.

There are a number of traditional construction materials for these types of shelters. We're here to offer you an awesome, environmentally friendly, colourful, durable, graffiti resistant, shatter proof, and long lasting alternative.

And the best bit is that we can design these to whatever shape, texture and colour you have in mind. The more of them you need, the more affordable your idea gets.

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Bus shelter

Why install a plastic shelter?

Polyethylene plastic is an excellent material to use in public installations. It can be moulded into many aesthetically appealing shapes, is structurally strong, is not brittle if impacted, is naturally resistant to graffiti, tough against all sorts of abuse, and lasts for years and years. And after all of that, it is fully recyclable.

This material has been used for farm water tanks for many years, and these vessels continue to perform strongly holding many tonnes of water pressure in the harsh Australian sun. Techniques have advanced considerably since this process started, and we can achieve the same long lasting, hard wearing and trouble free performance for your weather shelter with attractive designs from the traditional to the strikingly modern.

Can you incorporate other materials?

You can construct your shelter from composite materials, taking advantage of the unique properties of polyethylene where it matters. For example, you may choose to include a plastic seat, roof or wall panels as separate components within the overall structure.

Alternatively, other materials such as framing, clear panels, lights and display screens can be moulded into the plastic structure. We will design your shelter based on your brief, or commence with your fully formed design and then make it ready for manufacture.

Bus stop shelter

Who buys poly shelters?

Councils, government agencies, sports clubs, community organisations and businesses with outdoor spaces are typical shelter purchasers. Unique designs become more cost effective the more units you require, so for example a unique design for a park would become very feasible if a number of locations at the park required shelter, or if multiple parks in your district can utilise the same design.

Why are we the right supplier for you?

We have a proven track record of moulding large plastic products, packaging them and taking care of the logistics. Our in house design and technical expertise means that you can approach us with anything from a basic concept through to your own completed tooling. You can be confident that we can take it from there to turn your product into reality for you.

Our products are 100% Australian made and recyclable. So not only will you be supporting local jobs, you will also be doing the right thing by the environment. Also, your biggest supply advantage is that the entire design and manufacturing process happens locally in Victoria, all within easy driving distance. Quality control is assured and we are very accessible every step of the way.

Contact us to discuss your needs on (03) 5940 4334 or melro@melro.com.au.

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