Rotational Moulding Recycling

Melbourne Rotomould can pick up your old rotomoulded products and arrange for them to be recycled locally at their end of life.

The Australian Rotomoulding Industry has a well-established recycling program. A lot of applications take advantage of this material including pits, pots and troughs, all of which are required for vibrant markets where demand for recycled rotomoulded material well exceeds the supply.

There are many opportunities for recycling with rotomoulding. Trimming leftovers and used products can be reground for reuse in rotomoulded and other multi-use products. The mechanical properties of recycled material cannot be guaranteed the same as virgin material, so it is used for non-structural products not requiring food contact.

The latest research shows that rotomoulded products can be recycled at least 7 times before they need assistance with processing. With tanks for example featuring 10 year warranties, and their service lives being many years longer than that, that means we are being very careful with our scarce resources.

In addition to recycling into appropriate alternative products, there are opportunities for recycling during the rotomoulding process itself, including the harnessing of residual heat.

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